Sunday, June 22, 2008

happy things i forgot to mention...

in the last post i left out a couple of happy happy haaaappy things i wanted to mention!
stupid me!
here they are:
the 2 asian girls i saw wearing sweatshirts that said "I (picture of Mickey Mouse head) NY" on the steps of the Met,
i mickey mouse drama,
friends that are never mean and will sleep on the couch with you because you are schizofrenic and afraid of the room with the beds,
understanding things,
being repetitive,
confusing people,
confusing non-existent people,
having no one read your blog,
being able to write whatever i want because no one reads this!,
no one will ever know!,
teehee, secrets,
special cat girl!

today is the day

today is a day to talk about lots of joyful things in the world! like when a bunch of people you love are in the same room with each other and have no idea that you love all of them!  or like special days when you come home and hug your furniture.
i realized that real nature looks so fake.  the thing is, when you see real nature, you associate it with the fake nature, like the backrounds that come with your cellphone with pictures of mountains and stuff.  When i saw real nature i was like, NO WAY MAN.
it's a crazy crazy world, innit?