Friday, May 23, 2008


i don't want to go a day without posting
so i would like to update you 
by saying
will be posted soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Free Lifetime Supply of Air...

It has been brought to my attention that my offer of a Free Lifetime Supply of Air as a prize for winning the robot contest, may cause a couple of lawsuits if something extreme were to happen.
Owen mentioned to me a situation that may look like this:
The winner flies out to the moon without a spacesuit and dies thinking that my air supply will last him/her in space.
Visual Aid:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

muziks for roh-bits

Day 2, Post 4.

As you may have noticed, I, special cat girl, am not the only contributor to this beautiful blog, but Owen has joined me in posting wonderful poems about robot tits.
Anyhoo, I just wanted to say thank you to Owen for his glorious (and sexy) poetic contribution, and I would also like to announce my new robot project.  I'm going to get all the people I know who like to draw to draw me an awesome (and sexy) picture of a robot, and I am going to scan them all in and post them and the winner gets a prize!  The prize is a lifetime supply of air.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

robot tits to the maxx

A poem by me.

Oh oh dear
My tiny baby robot tits to the maxx
But a lemon sprinkle upon the Bat-man's blossoming bosom
If the clouds of Hercules did lemon sprinkle upon the milk of great Boo Berry's teat
The mountanous goat of yonder did he ever reach
the robot tits to the maxx
Little beep-boop-bops pitter-plunk upon my robot's little vaginal district
A kind of eroticism only aluminum foil can endure
But a pitter pat of the huneysuckle upon the teat of a robot mama
Milking the living fuck out of her blossoming melontits
From the monks of April
Till the dawn of joy and candy cane urethras 
Gort's fellow friends doth state;
"Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!"
To prevent destruction of thy tittious earth,
And beyond the trees,
Gort's vats of jumblying urine,
Do speak the spack of spotted weasel breasted testicles
Hanging above the ever nuturing blobbousphere of the planet.
I do wish upon these tittums,
Til the day they implodered the plants of Bornio.

-c.c. boggleywumpus-maher-ni-hannn.
okay you know what
don't be hatin'
because robots have feelings too

sort of.


What is Robot Loving?

You came to this blog because you are a special person with needs.
You need to read about robot loving, because you like children and you like machines.
You might know someone named Greta.
If you do, she must be pretty awesome.  Because her name is awesome.
I personally believe that robot-love is natural.  
You can't stop love between two beings, even if one is controlled by wires.
I love robots, and you should love them too!
Go to to see sexy pictures of robots and hear about everything special in the world (like music and movies, possibly about robots).
But not everything here is about robot love, per se.
I might just post a link to a website I like, or a picture of me in Disney World.
also, after this post, i'm a little burnt out on the word "robot".